A stark contrast to industry predictions for 2020 of “bigger is better” it turns out that more couples are choosing to scale back their wedding day to the bare minimum, without compromising on traditions, style or fun. Whether it’s due to the global pandemic and subsequent government restrictions, or simply a return to times of old, one thing is certain: micro-weddings are a thing and they’re here to stay. So here’s what you need to know…

Simply put; a micro wedding is a wedding celebration for less than 20 guests. Smaller than an intimate wedding (30-50 guests) and nothing like (or as scandalous as) a secret elopement; the micro-wedding is the perfect way to celebrate with your immediate family and friends with a fully planned wedding day…just on a much smaller scale.

Where elopement usually means a secret escape with just the couple, two witnesses and a registry office, a micro-wedding involves all the elements of a ‘traditional’ wedding, complete with ceremony, photos, drinks and dinner. However, the best part of planning a micro-wedding is that you can essentially choose which wedding traditions you would like to include! For example, couples might choose to ditch the bouquet toss and first dance, whilst keeping the toasts and cake cutting (or vice versa).

Is a micro-wedding right for you? Well, the only way to decide is to write a guest list of everyone you would like to invite, and see how far you are willing to cut it down. If you still have over 20 guests, then no, it’s not for you. However, if you’re happy not to invite your brother’s new girlfriend or your mum’s best friend then go ahead, be ruthless with the gueslist and plan the day you would like.

The advantage to micro-weddings are that they are more than likely able to go ahead this year (once we’re out of lockdown 2.0), which means you’ll probably have your pick of venue and date. Not only that, but they are much cheaper than larger weddings! There are less staffing costs involved, less food and drink, less entertainment…the list goes on.

But where should you have your micro-wedding?! Again…you will probably have your pick of venues for the next few months at least; but that doesn’t mean you should choose just anywhere. We recommend choosing a smaller venue, where you may even be able to have exclusive use – bonus if they have accommodation on-site!  Probably steer away from venues that only host larger weddings, you won’t want to feel like your celebration isn’t filling the room, and their venue charges will most likely be a lot higher due to their increased costs. Plus, having a smaller venue makes everything more cosy and precious.

Not only are micro-weddings cheaper, but if you’re a bit more daring or whimsical you can easily add a theme with less people! We’ve heard about a Game of Thrones style banquet table, Mad-Hatter’s tea parties and we worked with a couple who themed their table decor to Beauty and the Beast. Use your imagination and treat your guests to something really unique!

The micro-wedding certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and, under current circumstances, if you no longer want to put your life on hold until you can have your big day, opt for a smaller one and have a huge party for your 5 year anniversary!


If you need more reasons why a micro-wedding could be the choice for you, check out our previous post; Pro’s of a Smaller Wedding.

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