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About me

Here’s a little about me and how I got here...

I’ve always been in and around the world of hospitality, both professionally and personally, but found a true love for working in the wedding and event industry when I landed myself an administrator job at a high-end and unique wedding venue. I eventually worked my way up to become wedding and events manager and loved everything about the exciting, fast-paced and challenging industry I had become part of.  I’m not a ‘fluffy’ person but I found I was a natural with couples coming through the door, and had a real passion to help them have the day they dreamed of (turns out most of them liked me too!). I also quickly realised that the role was extremely challenging and not without its negatives, but I loved (and still love!) everything about it.

I had thought about setting up a wedding blog for a while, but there are so many big wedding brands out there and I was so busy with work that I struggled to find the time. It was when I was on maternity leave that I decided to bite the bullet and get started…EXCITING! 

Then Covid-19 struck and, all in a whirlwind, the industry was brought to its knees…

However, inspiration struck and with advice from some good friends I decided to channel my knowledge and expertise into helping couples carry on with their wedding plans, despite the nasty virus and half the world in lockdown. 

So here I am! I’m here to offer you help, advice, a person to rant at or a shoulder to cry on through these unprecedented times, and hopefully for a long time after in the ever-changing but wonderful world of weddings.