I guess we have to address the issue of wedding insurance and how it has been affected by the current pandemic…it’s not everyone’s favourite topic but it is best to be covered if you can be!

I always advise our couples to purchase wedding insurance as soon as they start their planning, not because I think their wedding won’t be perfect but because nothing is 100% guaranteed. However, during Covid-19 those who weren’t insured couldn’t get covered and those who were covered faced non-payment from their insurance companies, thanks to clever wording and loopholes.  Now I’m no professional when it comes to insurance (in other words, don’t take my words as fact or gospel…), but this is my understanding of the current situation:

Throughout the pandemic, nearly all weddings have been affected. Whether by postponement, cancellation or drastic changes to guest numbers and format, most couples have come across financial and legal difficulties during this time; and that’s before throwing furlough and redundancy into the mix!

If you already have cover, whether or not you will be covered for postponement or cancellation due to Covid-19 depends on two things: the wording of your policy and the specifics of your claim. With the ever-changing rules and restrictions at the moment, it is best to speak to a rep from your insurance company to clarify any implications before deciding what action to take. If you can’t get through by phone then read the full terms of the policy you were sent at the time of purchase, and check them against any updated terms on their website to ensure you are aware of any amendments. You can contact your suppliers and see what options they can offer you, then try to speak to a rep from your insurers before making a final decision.

Can you buy wedding insurance now?

Unfortunately, thanks to the pandemic, most insurers are no longer offering new policies at the moment…just until their underwriters can get a better understanding of the situation from their perspective.  However, some insurers are likely to be working on new terms for their existing policies, so keep checking!

Are you covered if you choose to cancel?

It’s more than likely you won’t be covered for cancellation due to Covid-19. This is because insurance companies only tend to cover eventualities such as your venue, marquee or other significant suppliers cancelling. When it comes to Covid-19, as its so new, there’s uncertainty about who will pay out; but it’s unlikely you will be covered for having to isolate either.

On top of that, insurers aren’t inclined to cover you if you choose not to get married because it won’t be the big white wedding you originally planned. Especially if it’s January and your wedding isn’t taking place until June or July, as there is so much uncertainty and your wedding may be able to take place!

Be careful to check the wording on your policy as most insurers don’t offer cover against a government act. This means that even if your venue/supplier cancels on you, if they do so because of a lockdown or other government restrictions, you may not be covered.  However, some insurers have paid out due to supplier cancellation, as they class it as being out of your control. Again, check the wording of your policy!

Can you change your date on your policy to your new wedding date if you have postponed?

You should be able to change the date on your existing policy if you have postponed. However, please be CAREFUL as some insurers have placed certain date/time limits on how far in advance the postponement can be. Please, please check with your insurer before making any decisions!

If you choose to have a small ceremony now and reception at a later date, will you be covered?

Even before the pandemic it wasn’t unusual for couples to have their ceremony on a separate day to their wedding celebration. This means you should be covered for both under the same policy, however most insurers only allow 21 days between the two occasions so make sure you read any clauses in the policy carefully before making arrangements.

Hopefully, the above has answered the main concerns about wedding insurance and where you stand. But if you’re in doubt, speak with your insurance provider and wedding suppliers as soon as you can to find out any options available to you!